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Aguardiente is a fast paced, hard rocking, punk band. It doesn't exist anymore, although some say they'll play once more in the pub they've had their best gigs. Check out this page for some additional info regarding these rumours!


Thom is on the loose! He really scratches his guitar. Listen to the way he plays the second guitar in Heehaw.


Joop is God! Joop is a fast paced, hard rocking, string ripping dude ! He's also a computer and electronics freak! Watch out for his freaking solos.


Tiny girl holding a big bass guitar! Just incredible... This is a girl with attitude!


Can you see his face in this picture? I didn't think so either... He drums so fast you barely see his drum sticks: you start wondering how can he get a hold on them. Well... he doesn't.


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