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Algy's Herbpages, indisputible interface to a lot of herbal stuff on the net. Recently completely reconstructed.

The Gardenweb Herb Forum

Herbpages by Ron Lunde for basic herbal knowledge. Descriptions of the most common herbs.

Herbweb etnobotany links

Phytochemical and Etnobotanical Databases, look up plants for their etnobotanical uses.

Medieval Herbals at the Vatican, illustrated with pictures of the beautiful herbals.

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Specific Plant Genera and Horticultural Societies.

American Daffodil Society

American Horticulture Society, Alexandria VA

Arisaema at Roy Herold's page, this web page includes some pictures of Arisaemas, plus some aroid-related links to other web pages.

Botanical Society of Washington (DC)

California Rare Fruit Growers. They mainly are interested in subtropical fruit. There is a seed store, and a magazine.

Camellia, the international Camellia society. Very detailed information.

Gainesville Camellia Society

Chili-Heads Home Page, peppers, recipes

Carnivorous Plant Database A database with more than 3000 descriptions of Carnivorous Plants.


The Garlic Page, garlic, recipes

Geranium multiflorum

Groene VingersFull of very wise plant information, a specific genus in the picture every month, events in Belgium and abroad, adresses, links, alas only in Dutch. Highly recomended for Dutch and Belgium readers, echt waar!, de Vlaamse digitale tuin met bloemen en planten , tips voor de tuinier, een groenagenda en verwijzingen naar andere tuinsites.

The American Horticultural Society, enormous resource.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society


Iris Society

Lavender, a botanical page on a site that advertises the south of France for Hollidays, little information and few pictures.

Mediterranian Wildflowers for gardens.
Homepage of a landscaper in the south of France with nice pictures and plant information.

NARGS, The North American Rock Garden Society, with the 1996 exchange seedlist, containing thousands of entries.

The Orchid Gallery

Pulmonaria in America, very interesting information on the genus and its cultivars and about making new crossings.

The Rhododendron World Wide Web Page

Pukeiti Rhododendron Trust

Roses, rec.gardens.roses FAQ

Oyama Rose Society

The Rose Page

Old Roses (FAQ), gopher

Santa Clara County Rose Society

The Rose Gallery

The American Rose Society

Royal Horticultural Society, Wisley World Wide Web site. This is very much a NCCPG page and only mentions Wisley because the NCCPG is based there.

Sisyrinchium: Rita Heaton of Devon England, holder of the NCCPG Sisyrinchium collection has written a very informative article about her collection and growing sisyrinchiums. It can be found at:

The Tree Doctor


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Pictures of plants

Flora of Europe

Pictures of plants and fruit by the Texas University (herbarium).

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On special request; Barry Glick's most wanted pages.


HELLEBORES by Barry Glick




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Universitairy links


Information by the biology faculty of the Californian State University, education and research.
Botany links, more than you can imagine to databases, taxonomic, and other gardening related pages.

Landbouwuniversiteit Wageningen

D L O, Wageningen Agricultural University

Library at the Wageningen Agricultural University.

Dryade a database about trees and their cultivars for their horticultural uses.

Texas TAMU

Database of newsletters and publications.

Plant deseases Description of symptoms of vegetable crop deseases.

Vegetable crops Pictures of symptoms of vegetable crop deseases.

Pictures of plants and fruit by the Texas University (herbarium).

Minnesota University Database A collection of information for the home-gardener.

Missouri University Home growing and processing for the home-gardener.

Center for Root/Soil Research, USDA-ARS, Cornell University, Boyce Thompson, Institute for Plant Research, botany, soils

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Friends of the Trees Societyherbs, permaculture.

Permanent Publications, Permaculture, edible landscaping, permaculture, retail products.

Plants for a Future: A Resource and Information Centre for Edible and Other Useful Plants. Alternative farming systems, edible landscaping, organic gardening, perennials, permaculture and vegetables.

Sixth International Permaculture Conference and Convergence , conferences, permaculture.

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Commercial Services

Listing of Postorder companies for horticultural products in the USA With product descriptions and sometimes comments.

List of gardening magazines

Bookfinders International, Bookshop World Wide Web site. Books by post anywhere in the world. New books and out-of-print books. Book searches and customised bibliographies of books in print. Quality antiquarian books to browse and buy on line.

Books That Work World Wide Web site

Timber Press (Portland OR) Online Catalog of Books

Bloemenwinkel Ida, here you can order flowers for delivery in Amsterdam and with fleurop throughout the Netherlands.

Cascadian Farm Web Site, organic gardening, recipes, retail products

Our Garden, Spring Meadow Organic Farm,
bulbs, cactus, compost, container gardening, flowers, herbs, landscaping, organic gardening, trees

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Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanical Garden at Kew, England, Great resource

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Other Links

K N M I, Dutch weather predictions and Satelite photo's, weather forecast.

USDA hardiness zones, look up your zone by typing in your u.s. zip-code.

Findhorn Foundation

The Tele-Garden, online courses.

Weed Images and Descriptions, photographs, searchable database, weeds.

Perry's Perennial Pages

Web site for recipes, all of the recipes have no added fat, and use low fat ingredients. And the database is searchable (a query on basil yielded 247 hits!!!!). There are even a couple of pesto recipes.

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The Very Garden Links

Time Life Garden Encyclopedia online

You find links to Marco Bleekers' Homepage everywhere, even here, mainly for his botanic links and his work in the Surinam Jungle. Besides, it looks good.

Yolanda van Nieuwkoop, the homepage of this wonderful lady is listed here because of her fast accessible and ever growing list of botanical and herb related links.

The Garden Gate Garden information.

The Gardenweb Forums, for talk about herbs, perennials, seed exchange etc.

Recreation Home and Garden


Mailing Lists for Gardeners

A listing of Lists for Gardeners

The comprehensive "List of Mailing Lists".

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The Katalogus for 1998, scientific names, color, size and en USDA hardiness zones.