Company: Software City

Type: A retail outlet for computer software. Direct competitor of Electronics Boutique.

Sales Department

SCOPE - Activities pertaining to merchandise sales and customer relations.

MISSION - Provide merchandise to customers in a friendly environment. Fill customer requests quickly and efficiently. Keep store inventory varied and current.

DIRECTION - Increase sales by providing more variety of merchandise at a better price than the competition.

Human Resources Department

SCOPE - Activities pertaining to personnel and employee relations.

MISSION - Hire and keep the best qualified and most dedicated workers. Provide training to ensure all employees know their job and how to perform it.

DIRECTION - Improve training procedures.

Accounting Department

SCOPE - Activities pertaining to financial management.

MISSION - Ensure timely processing of accounts payable. Reconcile credit card payments. Forecast and set the operating budget. Maintain the employee payroll.

DIRECTION - Streamline credit card processing. Improve budget forecasting methods and accuracy.

Product Management Department

SCOPE - Activities pertaining to inventory control.

MISSION - Order merchandise from the manufacturer/vendor to keep warehouse stocked. Fill store orders in a timely manner. Keep stores informed about new products that become available.

DIRECTION - Reduce losses from unsold merchandise. Get new products onto store shelves more quickly.


Functional Decomposition


Make Sale
Create Sales Receipt
Update Store Inventory
Determine Payment Method
Request Supplies
Add item to Supply Request
Send Request to Product Management
Sales Analysis

Human Resources

Add Employee
Train Employee
Review Training Records
Schedule Training
Update Training Records


Pay Creditor
Process Invoice
Print Check
Pay Employee
Calculate Pay
Print Check
Income/Expense Analysis

Product Management

Process Inventory Request
Receive Request from Store
Build Supply Shipment
Send to Store
Order from Manufacturer
Create Order
Add Items to Order
Send Order
Receive Merchandise and Supplies
Inventory Analysis

Planning Matrix














E-R Diagrams

Sales (part 1)
Sales (part 2)
Human Resources
Product Management

Timeline for prototype development



Merge E-R diagrams and determine candidate attributes 1 week
Determine domains for all attributes 2 weeks
Create database and populate with sample data 1 week
Create sample data entry and query forms 1 week
Create sample reports 1 week
Total Development Time 6 weeks