Some sites provide cameras that produce a "live stream". Live stream sites require Netscape 2. x or higher to be viewed. Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 will not work.

Local time

Mawson, Antarctica....a dependable Australian site..thanks Scott

Buenos Aires....They claim this is the widest avenue in the world. Where's my tape measure?

Sydney......Spectrum says these are updated every two hours

Live from Liege...brought to you by Reality Net.

St. Georges, Bermuda Weather Page.....
St.George's...Bermuda Bio Station for Research BermudaCam

Rio de Janeiro..."The First Live Camera in Brazil" Thank you Marcelo Botelho.

Live web cam for Montreal, Quebec Canada : thanks to Lisa Look Ma no Tv! from the corner of Queen and John Streets in Toronto. Thanks to Chum City.
Halifax, Nova.Scotia....two great views on this site
The Island Cam....Prince Edward
Vancouver, British Columbia......looking north from downtown
Vancouver...Concord Pacific VancouverCam
Vancouver NetCam II...another nice view of downtown from Multiactive
Katcam.....Vancouver,B.C. I wish I had this view everyday. Thanks Randall
Internet Connect's Niagara FallsCam
Ontario......Niagara FallsCam
The moving 360 degree Niagara Falls View....This is one you have to see. Not live but I was amazed. Takes a little to download and well worth it.
Banff-Cam...Alberta...brought to you by Douglas Smith and Graham Lindgren
Alberta SkyCams.....three great cam shots here. Edmunton River Valley, Calgary River Valley and the other at Sunshine Village, Banff Alberta. Click to enlarge. Thanks to
The Pizza Corner Cam! .....This WebCam is looking out at Grafton and Blowers street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Get me a sausage and pepperoni.
Calgary Cam....Live shot of downtown Calgary from Channel 7 News.
Vancouver...Telemark Systems' Kat Cam
Whistler...Highway 99 Cam

Czech Republic
FirstNet Cam.....shot from the FistNet offices in the center of Prague.

Finland - Vaalimaa...Russian/Finland border crossing..some great people run this site.Thanks to Finnra.....Where?
Mediakylpyl" WebCam...Katajanokka harbour in Helsinki...thanks to Mediabaths.
Kotka WebCam.....view at the Kotka Polytechnic Weather Station

Nice....French Riviera...daily. Would love to spend a few weeks here. Or more.
St. Martin Canal...Paris....four views updated just daily, but great views.
Paris Live Cam....pretty view of the Seine river and the Eiffel tower. Thanks to Television France 1.Submitted by Denis Vandormael.
Strasbourg.... Live shot from atop the cathedral.

Berlin railroad station....I'm sure I saw this same scene in a movie. Which one?....I give up.
Essen...The auto load Messe-Kamera
Hamburg----Harbor Cam....another great shot from the people at Stern
Berlin...view from Hundert 6 media
Berlin building site...a look on Europe's largest building site at this moment: the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin.
Daily Cams....Another series of Cams from the Topin Group. There are 12 here.
Vobis Live-Cam....nice auto upgrade view in W?rselen.
OKS Webcam....from Berlin. Thanks to the Technical University of Berlin
N?rnberger Christkindlesmarkt Live Cams....three nice cam views here thanks to Nurnberg Online.
Live Essen..... A look out of the window over the Ruhr River thanks to ioSYS .
Braunschweig LiveWebCam.....this is a live shot of the A2 Autobahn near Braunschweig.
Leipzig from Leipzig, Boomtown of East Germany.
OSN Live Cam....Nuremburg. Check the view of the old castle. Click on shots to enlarge.
KasselCam.....from the University of Kassel in Menzelstrasse. Thanks to visueller kommunikation.
Frankfurt Live Cam.....great view of the skyline of Frankfurt. Submit from Andreas N"tzold.

Rhodes...daily view thanks to the Topin Internet Group.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong...when the sun is down in the states it's always daylight here.

Jakarta ...view from the InMac offices on Rasuna Said Road

Live from Dublin.... live pictures of O'Connell Bridge thanks to the Irish Times.

Bressanone Cam....a great new live cam shot of Bressanone thanks to ACS Data Systems. If you can read Italian please send me some more info on this site.
....four live camshots of Genoa harbour, the Light house, Cristoforo Colombo house, and the Portofino headland. Click shots to enlarge. My Italian is non existent so could someone help me with this site.

Japan igloo and a tell me?
Mt. Fuji
Tokyo....this view thanks to the Laterra Network Co Ltd.
Taiyodo Cam....view from Kyoto City. You can see the eastern mountains during the day.
Tokyo Tower.....beautiful view thanks to NTT Media Labs
Tokyo Tower around the clock.....thanks to the International University of Japan
Sapporo.....thanks to Hokusei Information Processing&Development Co.,Ltd.
Mt. Fuji II...a lot of work went into this site.
Compaq Live Cam.... View of Gaien Higashi Dori (street name), located in the south end of Roppongi, one of popular downtown districts in Tokyo..
Interactive FujiCam....view of Mt. Fuji from Fujiyoshida City you can control.
Window of is a site that covers live cams in Japan in a little more detail.

The Beach at of the better Euro sites
Amsterdam...This is the Het IJ canal, the biggest canal running through Amsterdam.
Amsterdam...This is a great live stream....must have Netscape. More info later
Room with a View....nice view from Concertgebouwplein 5 in Amsterdam. Thanks to the good people at ZapNet
JamCam...From Facing Facts. Live stream near schiphol airport Amsterdam.......sometimes in their office.....where?
tv3001 Cam....Live from The Oudeschans, Amsterdam
Railway station Sloterdijk....Amsterdam. Another great "live stream" from the folks at NetGate. Cam is now on tour.
Eldorado.....Beach Club Zandvoort. I'll let you decide what you think.
The stream looking from the Stadsschouwburg at the Leidseplein in Amsterdam. But The Camera will go on the road soon, so you'll be seeing a lot of different places. Stay tuned in!

New Zealand
Wellington Cam.....two shots in Wellington. Updated once a day now, but hourly soon.

Norway--University of Troms.....visit the Storm Cast Project on shot to enlarge
Oslo....beautiful shot of the Youngstorget area in Oslo
Foerde...west coast of Norway in fjord country.
Bergen Cams....Bergen: Three views from the Fjord Capital of Norway. Bergen is surrounded by seven mountains. Two of the cams are situated on top of the two most famous ones; The Fl>yen and the Ulriken. The last one is smack in the harbour. Courtesy of the largest daily on the west coast, Bergens Tidende. Click shots to enlarge.
Observer Cam.....Currently the Observer is located at MRT micro ASA in Stroemmen.

SkyCams...eight island traffic cams live!!...from Television Corporation of Singapore

Hoga kuston bron,Sweden...view of the High Coast Bridge Project
Stockholm....thanks to the good folks in AU-System's office at Liljeholmen
Sundsvall...nice view from the Xinit Group
V"ster?s... view on Apotekarbron in V"ster?s(city west of Stockholm). From the VLT Media Building

Topin Cams....a bunch of daily cams at locations all over Switzerland from the Topin Internet Group
Beautiful Geneva...Swiss Broadcasting Corporation's Net addition(bless you)
PCtip-Cam...view of the "Klusplatz" in Zurich from the offices of PCtip
KKSL Life Building....Lucerne.....four updated cams of the construction of one of Switzerlands largest and most unique pieces of architecture. Submitted by Heidi Mattes
Lausanne....A live stream from the Communications Lab at the Swiss federal Institute of technology which is located in Lausanne on lake geneva. There is also a larger live still of this same shot.
Caf' BIT Cam....Great view from the Cafe' Bit Internet shop in Bern. Thanks to PBI and of course Christoph Protz for the tip.
Catch the Blue Z?rich Tram Cam....from Zurich...let Gutenberg Communication Systems know if you see the tram from their window view.
Plaza WebCam....two cams(click on them).....showing an overview over Kloten, near Zurich, Switzerland, where the Airport is located. When you are lucky you can see planes. During pretty good weather conditions you can see the alps.

Cairn Gorm --Scotland.....from Heriot-Watt University....not well
Cambridge England.....thanks to the Olivette Reasearch Laboratory.
UK - York University....nearly live at York
Creative from Creative Labs European HQ in Ruscombe England.
Exeter from the Northernhay House in Exeter England.
Virtual London.....a little look out the back window with Virtual London Ltd.
Perranporth.......outstanding view of the coast in southwest England at Perranporth and Droskyn Point.

Local time


The Resort Cams
Resort Cams.....From Maine to California, daily views from fourteen of some of the best resorts in the USA. Thanks to the Resort Sports Network(RSN).

Walt Disney Cams
Disney Cams.....See what's happening right now on Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom, in the heart of Epcot, or on Hollywood Boulevard at the Disney-MGM Studios.

WHNT-TV's TowerCam...Above Huntsville....on Monte Sano Mountain.
Huntsville...WHNT-TV Tower Cam
WBRC-TV TowerCam.....great shot from the tower atop Red Mountain in Birmingham.

PolarCam....view out of PolarNet's window at the intersection of Geist and University Avenues in Fairbanks.

Banff...Tower 19 Cam
PhoenixArizona DOT/Freeway Management System
....25+ cams here. Great site

GibCam....University of Arkansas, Fayetteville....corner of Dickson Street. Tip from Dennis Bouvier.

Alameda...City of Night Live Camera
Alameda, California - City Of Night Live Camera
Beverly Hills, California...two shots. Hollywood&Vine and Wilshire Blvd.......from Geo
Lake Tahoe...Resort Sports Network WeatherCam
Hollywood, California ....view of the famous sign from RFX
Hollywood...Live photo of the famous Hollywood sign
Hollywood...Beverly Hills Internet's Hollywood & Vine Cam
Hollywood...Beverly Hills Internet's Wilshire Blvd Cam
San Francisco Skyline.......KPIX
San Francisco...KPIX Fairmont Hotel Camera
San Francisco...Haight Street Cam
San Francisco...KGO-TV's SFO-Live Cam
San Francisco View.....KGO TV's view from the Sutro Tower. Sometimes the fog blocks it.
LiveNet San Diego of the Nets originals. Pushes live stream with Netscape. Click for still shot otherwise.
San Diego...John Tara's Bay Cam
San Diego...Scripps Pier Cam
San Diego...Virga Software's Canyon Cam
San Diego...XLNT Cam
San Francisco----bay or night...this is always a beautiful view.
Santa Clara...This shot moves around. Thanks to Digital Video systems.
San Francisco...EVO's View of the 20th Street Bridge
San Francisco...Sybase's San Francisco BayCam
San Francisco Bay Cam
Santa Cruz beach---Calif.....Slug Video Cam atop the Dream Inn.
Santa Cruz...SlugVideo's Santa Cruz Cams
Scripps pier--SanDiegoThis is a great shot. I use to jog on this beach. Deja Vu
University of Southern California....the TommyCam (I love the name)
Venice Beach Cam....a great new site direct from Venice beach CA. Looking south.
XLNTCam-San Diego...A live look at I-15 looking South from XLNT headquarters in Carmel Mt. Ranch in San Diego.
Butte Hall Cam...from Calif. State University in Chico.
Heidsite Weathercam...view from Albion, CA., roughly 140 miles north of San Francisco, on the picturesque coast of Mendocino county...thanks Jim Heid
Bay Area Traffic Cams....San Francisco....four live traffic cams brought to you by the one and only KPIX.
Virtual Yosmite.....Live Shot of Yosemite's Glacier Point
TallPoleCam.....This is a picture of America's Tallest Flagpole, located three miles south of the California -- Oregon border in sunny Dorris, California.
CONNECTnet Web CAM.....A live stream from San Diego. Thanks to Connectnet.
City of Fremont LamCam .....Here is a nice view thanks to Lam Research.
Surf Live....view Huntington BeachPier live....refreshes every five minutes. Tip sumitted by Norm Westwell.
Future Tech Cam....San Jose.....a view from the 10th floor of Park Center Plaza, overlooking downtown San Jose and the new construction site of Futre Tech.
Santa Cruz Cam...View of Pacific Av. and Locust St., Santa Cruz, CA. is located high up on Nob Hill in San Francisco, facing north-west toward the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean. Thanks to Mark Linford and ComputersAmerica.
Highway 17 Cam....a view of Satellite Curve on the main highway connecting Silicon Valley with the Santa Cruz coastal area in California. Thanks to InterAct.
Exploratorium RoofCam....Great live stream image of San Francisco Bay from the roof of the Exploratorium.
Los Angeles...University of Southern California Campus View
Mammoth Mtn Ski Area...Resorts Sports Network WeatherCam
Mt Shasta Cam

Pine Junction Weathercam, Colorado
Beaver Creek Ski Area...Beaver Creek Cam
Boulder...GWH&A's Boulder Street Cam
Colorado Springs...Ceram's Cheyenne Mtn Cam
Colorado Springs...KOAA-TV Springs Cam
Copper Mtn Ski Area...Resort Sports Network WeatherCam
Crested Butte Ski Area...Resort Sports Network WeatherCam
Denver...KCNC-TV Denver CitiCam Network
Denver.....CityCam1.....these Denver shots are thanks to the efforts of KCNC News 4
Denver.....International Airport....1
Denver......International Airport....2...the people in that car look suspicious.
Denver.....Mountain.....30 miles west of downtown
Denver.....Mile High Cam.....atop Mile High Stadium
Denver.....Downtown.....south broadway
Pikes Peak....from the roof of Softronics in Colorado Springs.
Boulder Cam....always a great shot in downtown. Brought to you by GW Hannaway & Associates, Inc.
Cheyenne Mountain Cam...Just outside of Colorado Springs. Norad is buried in this peak. Thanks to Ceram Incorporated .
Vail Ski Area...Live Mid-VailCam
Vail Ski Area...Resorts Sports Network VailCam
Live from Vail....beautiful shot of the mountains from VailNet.
Pine Junction...Wayne Harrison has a lot of interesting stuff on this site.
Pueblo Skycam...thanks to KOAA TV. This town brings back a few memories.
USC Cam....View of University of Southern Colorado campus in Pueblo from the Psychology Building.
KOAA-TV Pueblo SkyCam

Traffic Cam...Wilmington.....from the 14th floor in a Park Plaza building.

District of Columbia
Traffic Cams...Check out traffic around Washington D.C. from both the northern Virginia and Montgomery County, MD areas. 30+ cams here. Thanks to Erols.
Washington map is sometimes run.
Capital Cam....This is a view of Washington, DC, focusing on the US Capitol.Thanks to The Town Hall

Tampa Bay, Florida....the Skytower Cam....250 feet up...from FOX 13
Sunrise Cams....Miami Beach...takes a few to download...collection of shots
The Coco Cam....another great shot from the heart of Florida...Biscayne Bay
Sun Trust Cam....High above Orlando thanks to WCPX-TV. Hi Stacy.
St.Petersburg Cam....Thanks to WTVT Channel 13.
Tampa SkyCam
WTDT Cam (Deerfield Beach)
Deerfield Beach Cam...Deerfield Beach Fl....from the offices of WTDT
Indian River Cam....waiting for a gator to eat the camera.
Elbow Room Cam....real time photographs of sunny Fort Lauderdale beach .
Live BocaCam .....View of the Intracoastal Waterway in Boca Raton from the The Royal Colonial Apartments. This is a great shot. Check the drawbridge.
Mikes WebCam....Live Cam image from Bonaventure in Ft. Lauderdale. Thanks to Mike Kirkpatrick.
Sun Trust Camera (Orlando)

Atlanta....This site is going through a few changes
HomeCom Communications' AtlantaCam
Atlanta Right Now...from WSB-TV...four shots here. Click to enlarge.
Atlanta Buckhead Cam......brought to you by Information Architecture.
Atlanta Traffic Cams.... courtesy of the Georgia Department of Transportation and WSB-TV Channel 2
Skyview 5....Great live shot of downtown Atlanta thanks to WAGA Channel 5
Cams across Atlanta ......I just had to include this one.
WSB-TV Tower Cam (Atlanta)
WTOC's Sky Cam (Savannah)

Live Video Cam in Kihei looking right at Molikini
Maui...View the Majestic West Maui Mountains through the window of Synchromic Studios.
Manoa Valley...sampled every 10 minutes from the University of Hawaii Manoa campus.
Univesity of Hawaii Manoa Valley WeatherCam
Telescope Construction Site..... Mauna get's weird at 10,000 ft. +
Hawaii Online......Hawaiian Eye....panorama
Maui WindCam....North shore of Maui near Spreckelsville
Lahaina...This is a view of Front Street in Lahaina on Maui. Thanks to Maui Gateway
Maui Cam...from high up in the mountains. Thanks to the University of Hawaii.
Planet Hawaii's Hawaiian Eye Cam

Chicago....lakefront view from the Buckingham.
Habitat Company's Chicago Cam
Chicago---WGN TV Cam.....a collection of live shots here...great.
River Cam....Moline, IL, live view of the Mississippi River made possible by Quad Cities Online. view of the Mississippi River from atop the Quality Hotel Plaza One in Rock Island
View from the Top.....great view from The Planet Group Offices, located on the 11th floor of the Flat Iron Building in the Wicker Park area of Chicago.

Notre Dame Cam....I first thought this was in France...duh-h-h
Hebron Live from Hebron...great live stream...may be permanent. Thanks to NetNITCO
Indianapolis...Indiana University CampusCam

Hawkeye Cameras.....daily views taken in either Cedar Rapids, Iowa City or Waterloo. Thanks to KCRG 9 Online.
Web Cam....Looking East from the Iowa State University Computer Center. The ISU Library is on the left. Morrill Hall is the building in the center.

Covington... the Northern Kentucky Cam

New Orleans/Bourbon Street Live....great live shot from the people at Icorp
New Orleans...Icorp's Bourbon Street Cam
Sky Eye--Baton Rouge....Great shot thanks to WBRZ TV channel 2.

Sugarloaf Ski Area...Resorts Sports Network WeatherCam

Traffic Cams....Great site. 18+ live cams here in Montgomery County, MD...just north of DC. Thanks to Montgomery County Department of Public works and Transportation.

Cambridge in Boston...This shot can be enlarged to full screen.
Boston...Openmarket's Boston Cam
Boston...View of Tobin Bridge and I-93 North of Boston thanks to SmartRoute
Boston Skyline...courtesy of DDI offices.
BBTech WeatherCam........view from Blackboard Technology's offices at 401 Main Street in Amherst, Massachusetts. The view is to the north and is is updated every 5 minutes. Should have nice fall colors in the next 4-6 weeks.

Boyne Falls.....reminds me of home.
Howell Webcam....Direct from downtown Howell. Thanks to Charly Caldwell.

Minneapolis...Yes!!! my home state.... downtown...thanks to Channel 4000 and Wcco TV.
First Street Cam....Live shot of downtown Duluth thanks to Computer Pro.
Lake Superior view of Lake Superior from the sixth floor of Minnesota Power's General Office Building in Duluth.
View of view thanks to the Duluth Medical Web Center...You can see the Aerial Lift Bridge that connects Duluth with Park Point.

Melon from north Main Street in Water Valley Mississippi. black @ white

Lake of the Ozarks---Missouri....break out the bass lure's
Virtual shot of the St Louis Arch thanks to CPI/Fox..
St.Louis...CPI's St.Louis Arch Cam
Kansas City/City Cams....Nine great new views of the Kansas City area. Some on the Kansas side, some on the Missouri side. Thanks to KCTV

Bozeman, Montana - The Big Sky Cam!....this is a great city.
Black Star Beer Cams....four cams live from the folks at Great Northern Brewing Company in Whitefish. Thanks Dave Shannon for the submit.
Star City WebCam....Lincoln..downtown. Click to enlarge.

Las Vegas....The Polo Towers Web Cam does a continuous sweep of the Las Vegas strip.

New Hampshire
Mt.Washington...Resort Sports Network WeatherCam
Wildcat Ski Area...Resort Sports Network WeatherCam

New Jersey
Jersey Shore...Jersey Shore Sky Cam
Red Bank Cam....Semi-Live Cam of Broad Street, Red Bank, NJ. Thanks to ePresence, Inc.

New Mexico
Portales.... camera is located at 185 feet (56.4 meters) above the ground on the KENW-TV microwave tower

New York
Brooklyn Bridge Cam
Bryant Park Cam
Caroline's LimelightCam (Manhattan)
Kinya's Empire State Building Cam
Manhattan Car Wash Cam
Empire State Building............thanks to Kinya Inc.
Empire State Building WebCam - Live!......from the 77th floor and the Realtech offices.
Limelight Cam....Manhattan...a bar...a lounge....hey, break up that fight!!
OCC's Campus Cam....... Syracuse.....from the grounds of Onondaga Community College!
Empire Cam....thanks to Adam Curry
Pratt Cam...Brooklyn...grounds of the Pratt Institute
Rockefeller never know whats going on here.
France Telecom's Rockefeller Center Cam
WTCA Cam....A live picture from WTCA Headquarters on the 77th floor of the New York World Trade Center
Westhampton Beach....A live picture of Main Street & Sunset Ave. thanks to First Hampton Realty / WWW Consulting.
Bryant Park Cam....Located in midtown Manhattan on 40th St. between 5th and 6th Ave.
The Thing Cam....Located at Thing Headquarters in Chelsea, New York City. Different cam position every day! Check out the Live Stream.This is a wait and see what happens.
Ei Views.......A fantastic live view of the southern Manhattan waterfront skyline thanks to Engineering Information Inc. in Hoboken NJ.
Upper West Side Cam......Manhattan's Upper West Side......Columbus Avenue & 73rd St......thanks to Zeitgeist Inc.
Weather Cam.......glorious view of Rochester thanks to WHEC Channel 10
Sarabande's New York StreetCam
Weather and direct from the rooftop of the Syracuse Newspapers building. A view of Clinton Square, Syracuse thanks to Syracuse Online.

North Carolina
Cape Hatteras NC...This is a daily shot or almost daily....but nice.
Duck This one takes NoDoz with a cup of java
Greenville....a glorious parking lot
Asheville...this is an auto load site of downtown thanks to Digipic.
Twin Tower Cams...Views of Charlotte courtesy of WSOC-TV. Submitted by Andy Dalton.
Charlotte Live.......Four live views of the Charlotte area thanks to WBTV.

Nova Scotia
Dalhousie University Roof Cam
Pizza Corner Cam

The Collier Cam...Medical College of Ohio at Toledo - a work in progress
Cuyahoga River Cam....view of the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland.
Cleveland...Cuyahoga River Cam
Cleveland...with a great view of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum with Lake Erie in the background...Thanks to Book Stacks Unlimited
Cleveland...Book Stacks Cleveland Cam
Cincinnati...WCPO-TV Skycam 9
Skycam 9....Cincinnati....This camera's rotational capabilities allow WCPO-TV to present images from the North, South, East and West.
CobWeb Cam....Live from Ohio State University in Columbus. Building construction site with a nice view.

Tulsa....view from the NBC affiliate KJRH
KWTV TowerCam...600' above Oklahoma City on KWTV's 1577' broadcast tower.

Portland, Oregon - Waterlily Cam.......a site with a waterlily twist
Right Now in Portland....above the city looking east towards Mt. Hood.
Beaverton......thanks to John Seger
Portland WeatherCam
Oregon Convention Center Cam...The camera is located on top of the Southeast tower of the Oregon Convention Center.
Northwest Skycam Network.....six views from both Oregon and Wash..Click on pictures to get current live shots. Thanks to KGW-TV

Parkway West Cam....Pittsburgh...located in the offices of WDVE-FM
Network Cams....series of cams brought to you by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh....Andrew is here through thick and thin.
Philadelphia...Philadelphia PA skyline as viewed from across the Delaware River in the Lockheed Martin Communication Systems building. Submitted by Scott Sykes
Sky 6 Cams....two cams here. One of Philadelphia and one in Atlantic City N.J. Thanks to WPVI-TV6 Action News in Philly
Philadelphia...WPVI Sky Cam

Rhode Island
Providence Web Cam...Here is a great shot live from Providence. Thanks to Rhode Island com.
Pojac Point Cams .....from North Kingstown. Thanks to the Atlantic Consulting Group.
DigiCam....nice cam shot of the Rhode Island State House and sky behind in Providence. Thanks to the Providence Journal. Tip from Art Cadoret

South Carolina
Greenville...from the offices of good old XCELSOFT
USC-Sky Cam...A view from the roof of Coker Life Sciences Building at USC in Columbia

Memphis....High 5..Midtown....Thanks to Action Five for these shots.
Memphis....High 5..Riverfront.....getting the blues
SkyCam....Nashville....from high atop the tallest building in Tennessee. Thanks to News Channel 5.

Texas A&M's Web Cam
Texas A&M University
College Station---University Drive...Texas A&M University
College Station Sky Cam ...from atop the KBTX transmission tower, exactly 385 feet above Bryan/College Station, Texas.
Live in Dallas....Three traffic views from the Texas Transportation Institute. Click pictures.
Digital Den WebCam.....outstanding view looking south over downtown Dallas from Oak Lawn Ave. and Interstate 35 South. Thanks Glenn for the great site.

Salt Lake City
Utah Weather Cam's... dozen + cams here...thanks to National Weather Service and University of Utah
Park City Cam.....nice shot...thanks to DirecTell

Vienna..........AOL Headquarters Parking Lot Cam...thanks to Justin Gay
Richmond Live Skycam....Skycam” is a camera located at 400 feet on the WWBT tower in South Richmond.

Citycam net
Stevens pass
Selah - Yakima Connection Project
Puget sound area traffic cameras
Seattle - HarborCam.....Elliot Bay and Alki Point. These shots are brought to you by Mark of the nets live cam pioneers.
Seattle - LoftCam.......Puget Sound....another Lacas Production.
Seattle---space needle...One of the Nets original Cam shots.
Seattle, University of Washington
WWU Cam...Western Washington University
WRC-TV CityCam

West Virginia
Morgantown.....Courthouse Square

Wausau's first WebCam.....looking out DataWave's window in Wausau.
Tableau Web Cam.... live stream shot from Black Earth thanks to the folks at Tableau Web Cam Services.

* Set up your own Web cam now ! Route 66 has it all.

Yahoo has some interesting information on cameras as well :
Spy cams index Top:Computers and Internet:Internet:Entertainment:Interesting Devices Connected to the Net:Spy Cameras Options Search all of Yahoo Search only in Spy Cameras

The Heidsite Weathercam
The original site for this special camera is at
I placed this "special" about the Heidsite here, because I think this coast line is the most beautiful place on Earth !

Welcome to Albion, California (population 398).
Keep a Weathercam image on your screen! If you're using Netscape Navigator 2.0 or later and you have a continuous Internet connection (or you're just going to be surfing for a while), you can keep a current Weathercam image on your screen. The image will be updated every five minutes. To open your Weathercam-in-a-window, just click the button below.

What You're Looking At
The Heidsite Weathercam is pointed out the window of an office in Albion, California. Albion is roughly 140 miles north of San Francisco, on the picturesque coast of Mendocino county.

If the weather's clear (there's a fair amount of coastal fog), you can see the Pacific ocean, which is half a mile away. You might also catch a glimpse of Trixie, the Heidsite mascot, standing on the deck in the foreground.

The Weathercam's position is changed now and then. If you can see a fence in the foreground, the Weathercam is facing southwest. If you don't see a fence, the 'cam is facing northwest.

This image is updated every five minutes. If the image seems outdated, it's because the Weathercam is temporarily disabled.

Want to see more? Check out some QuickTime VR movies
of the Mendocino coast

Now get back to work.

While you're here, explore the rest of Heidsite

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