Stat Sheet

 Age: 8

 Hobbies: Sony Playstation, rock collecting & fetch with Bandit

 School: Just completed 2nd Grade at Estelle Kampmeyer Elementary

 Favorite Subject: Math

 Favorite TV Show: College Basketball Games

 Favorite Sports: Basketball, Football & Baseball

 Favorite Teams: NC State Wolfpack, Auburn Tigers, Green Bay Packers, St Louis Cardinals, St Louis Rams, etc.

 Favorite Athletes: Mark McGwire, Brett Favre & Michael Jordan


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 A Few Pictures

Substituting for Jack Buck--KMOX Booth

In the Cards' Dugout at Busch

Big Mac Cuttin' Loose for #500: 5 Aug 99

Favorite Oldtimer--Stan the Man

A Couple of Michael's Favorites--Super Joe and J.D.

Fredbird Posing for Michael

Go Yellow Jackets!

Michael's Favorite Ram, Torry Holt