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Date 7th May 2000
Thats All Folk's!
The time has come to call it a day,

The LOONEY TOONS aka clan [LT] are leaving the UKTFCL, the UKSL and closing shop as an active TFC clan.
We had a great Season II in UKTFCL (the little we saw of it) and we enjoyed most of Season III in the UKTFCL as well as the UKTFCL Cup1 which was run well (ta steve) and even the premiership playoffs that we lost :P . We would like to thank all of the good clans who we played over this period and to thank the admins who helped set-up and run this league. I thank you all for the good work you have done.

I have had too many cable problems recently to make myself a reliable player and this is unfair on the rest of the clan and makes it impossible to run the clan properly.

And a very Special, thankyou should go to all the good clans we have played.

They are all clans who we have played in games and we really enjoyed the games they are in no particular order as I don't want to give anyone a reason to get peeved and start ranting on the UKTFCL forums as seems to be the norm of late. I would like to single out a few of these clans but it would only be used as an excuse for more childish bickering and frankly im sick of it so I wont, you know who you are any way and you know the others :)

I loved TFC from the moment I played it a long time ago it seems now, it was/is the best multi-player
game I have ever seen. Shortly after finding it I spoke to a few friends of mine and we became a gaming
community one which grew, remarkably fast. I currently have a bigger list of ICQ contacts than the CIA
and I count many of them as good friends.

I started TFC in a clan called Global Apocalypse (Sadly Disbanded now) it was run by Kaidos aka Mike who runs
the UKSL and who was also a member of [LT] known as Bugs-Bunny. This was my first experience in a clan and
I learned a lot from it, one of the main things being that running a clan like [LT] is very hard work so to all
of the other clan leaders out there I also say bloody well done much respect.

At this point I would like to salute all of members of [LT]:
(and provide a quick CV to any clans looking for players)
[LT]Chefamen - Excellent Friend, Co-Clan Leader and Amazing Soldier.
[LT]Gossimer - Brilliant Heavy Attacker, put him up front he will open a door for you.
[LT]Bugs-Bunny - Excellent Attacker both heavy and Light.
[LT]Porky-Pig - Frankly the best attacker I have ever seen. The defending soldiers worst nightmare.
[LT]Daffy-Duck - Brilliant all rounder. You can put this man anywhere and know he wont let you down.
[LT]The-Brain - The best engineer since 'Scotty' on the enterprise. Evil sense of humor though :).
[LT]Flaming-Moe - Loud but he earns it, a brilliant Soldier and erm spokesman :P
[LT]Captain-Haddock - Again a Brilliant attacker, Defenders nightmare lookout for him Nuff said

And a few special mentions to some Ex Members of [LT]:
[LT]Tazmanian-Devil - One of the first members to join the original LT, He is Dutch and a very good TFC player, Now a CS player. Any Dutch Clans get him!
[LT]Roadrunner - aka Ailuiac, He may of left under a bit of a cloud from [LT] but he is a very good player, a little
opinionated (says me :P) but listen to him and really read what he says you may be surprised!

[LT]Elmer-Fudd - Never really knew him, He arrived when I was in Kosovo and he left when I got back so I suppose that reflects on me somewhat ;P
[LT]Batfink -"-
[LT]Scrappy -"-
[LT]Marvin-Martian -"-
If I have missed anyone then I apologize I didn't get long to say good bye the men in the white coats are banging on the door now so I have to wrap this message up. Also if its too long Alvin wont be able to find time to read it ;P

Under the current situation we do not feel that we will stay for the complete UKTFC Season IV and that would be unfair
on all concerned we all saw how that destroyed the UKTFCL Prem last year and we do not want to be hypocrites. I do hope you make some good rules for next season and you stick to them but above all be fair in their application or get rid of them.

I will leave you with this one thought.....


([LT]Chucky_M - ICQ - Email)

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