Welcome to the homepage of Lars Kayser. Currently this page has very, very, very little importance and information.

This page has been set up for one purpose only (for now): to fool around with site-building. I'm planning on adding some information about various things. This information will be about things I'm involved with myself and things my dad is involved with.

My dad will get some space here to add information about one of his hobbies and that's all about certain historic events.

I myself am a graduate student at the polytechnic school in Eindhoven, majoring Technical Computerscience. If you want more information about me, God knows why, you can always ask by sending a mail.

I do some 3D programming in my (very rare) spare time. I like to bike, mainly mountainbiking but I recently got a roadbike so I will be biking on the road too. Computers are of interest too and almost everything that goes with it. Last but not least, I have been making music some time ago but as sparetime got rare, so did the music making.

Ok, that's it for know. Stay in touch for more interesting things. If someone has some nice things to put up here like funny gif-anims and stuff.
Bring 'm on !

Main 'fooling around' will be some experimenting using ActiveX technology. I will be using this technology with various purposes, putting a database online will be one of them. That's all I can say for now. If you wanna talk about it, no problem,
let me know.

All graphics on this site have been created by the author.