A partner in your East European Project


KDI Business Center offers intermediary, secretarial and interpreting service for European companies which intend to establish or expand their business contacts with companies of Common Independent States.

Secretarial and interpreting telephone services in real time. KDI Business Center can provide you with a dedicated telephone number at our office in Maastricht, answered in your name by professional operators. According to your instructions, Russian speaking operators can divert the incoming telephone calls, accompanied by synchronous translation, to your office or register telephone and fax messages and send them to your office translated into your language. You can opt for a subscription to a dedicated phone number with maximum 150 calls at a monthly cost of 400 Fl plus PTT Telecom fees for outgoing calls and faxes.

Secretarial services. Russian speaking secretaries dedicated to a specified subject can work for you in our office in Maastricht on the basis of part time assignments. We can also select for you a Russian speaking secretary to work for short-time projects at your premises.


Translation services.

Professionally trained commercial and technical translators and interpreters will eliminate any language barriers, which often arise during business meetings, business trips and training courses. Rates start from 50 NFL per hour. Having an extensive data base on Russian speaking professionals helps us to choose an interpreter with the optimum background required for your needs.


Marketing research. KDI Business Center can help you to explore the fast growing market of Common Independent States. We can connect you directly with production and trading companies, distributors and end consumers in Russia, the Ukraine or Kazachstan. Our representatives in Moscow can provide you with information about your potential business partners.


Consulting and information services. KDI Business center has firm relations with several consulting and accounting companies in Moscow that can offer you their professional services related to incorporation of companies in Russia, registration of foreign companies, audit, fiscal and legal advice, as well as on taxation of non-resident individuals in Russia.

KDI Business Center, postbus 1895, 6201 BW Maastrich, The Netherlands

Phone: +31 43 356 0410,

Fax: +31 43 356 0416

e-mail: Kdi@cuci.nl