A s h l e y ' s R o o m

This is my baby, Ashley Jessica. She is three years old, and a handful and a half!
Her favorite thing in the whole world are her "babies", and she, like any other three year old,
eats not with her hands and mouth, but thru her hair. *sigh* Ah, well, she's too cute to get mad at.
I hope you enjoy this page and the links we have found.

"Hi Nice Lady/Mister Man..." *Ashley fidgets slightly and smiles shyly*..."This is my room, isn't it pretty? I have lots of toys here and a few pictures on the wall. I have a big bed and a toybox and everything." *Ashley giggles softly*

"Have fun, and come back lots, ok? Bu-buye!" *Ashley waves and smiles a cute toothy grin*

Links for Kids
- This is a great link to lots of links for kids. It was created by a family, and comes highly recommended.

Cool links for kids
- I didn't get a chance to follow all the links they had, but it has Pooh on it! Woohoo!

Pooh (and Tigger too!)
Ok, here's the bestest thing on the web! A great link I happened upon, with some great Pooh and Tigger stuff!
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