VRCC Benelux Meeting 2003






The European VRCC family is more alive than ever. Thanks to the widespread participation of European VRCC Chapters from 11 countries, over 190 members showed up at the Benelux Meeting. What an experience, seeing over 110 Valkyries lined up in one single place. Besides wall-to-wall chrome being parked all around the parking lot of the ‘Valk’ hotel in Heerlen, there were some radically customized bikes. I especially would like to mention Horst Niels’ bike from Germany, which was lowered and transformed into a dragster and Adriano (Iron Butt) Bavia’s bike from Italy who rode over 900 kilometres to attend with a genuine horse saddle. The sight and sound of all these bikes was an experience we will not soon forget in the Benelux. Despite the weather, this time the meeting was not blessed with sunshine; over 50 European members arrived on Thursday as planned, followed by Marvin and Sean from Eurowing later at night. The attendees were welcomed by Walter, our Chairman with a small alcoholic beverage from the local region. I think they called it ‘blind man’s booze’. After seeing Jose & Elise, our blond & brown animals at the registration desk, everyone received the program and sponsor information, their ‘red nose’ from the CliniClowns, meal- and party tickets and some welcome gifts. The welcome ceremony for our newly arrived guests lasted until the bar closed in the early hours of the morning. The next day, delegations from the UK, Germany, Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland together with most of the other Benelux riders checked in and spent their time walking around the bikes and getting to know each other. After receiving a snack and beverage from one of our main financial sponsors, the KEPU company, a ride with approximately 60 bikes was undertaken on Friday to the Ardennes. In the meantime, bikers were arriving during the whole day. In the meantime a Fuchs dyno-stand was doing business by testing the performance of various bikes. Larry Coblentz from the US with his VIKING pipes came out with the highest performance and nicest power curve, topping the standard bikes by approximately 15 HP. Also, the 6 degree trigger wheel showed a significant increase in power across the board. Ronnie and his rescue team were scrambled only once to pick up one stranded bike with a flat tire. Again, experiences and interests were shared that day on the lot and at the bar in a casual atmosphere.    Friday night, a Country & Western buffet and party were held at the hotel until the early morning hours, followed by a visit to the bar by a few, but nevertheless extremely thirsty bikers. On Saturday, everyone was aboard. The accommodation at the hotel ‘Valk’ was such that most of the rooms overlooked the magnificent sight of all the bikes at the parking lot. At noon, a roaring column of over 120 bikes steadily moved across the Benelux landscape to the ‘Molen’, where a meal was served. The ride continued as planned, without any malfunctioning bike, thanks to the reliability and durability of the cruiser of the decade, except for one unfortunate biker, who accidentally put diesel in his tank. Perhaps this had something to do with the excitement of the night before. Saturday evening, prizes and certificates were presented to each nation and Horst Niels in particular, was mentioned for his most radical Valkyrie specimen. The music was played by a local, but nevertheless outstanding blues band. Thanks to our many accessory sponsors, an amount of $1000 was collected for the CliniClowns lottery tickets. Amongst many prizes, which were generously offered by several companies 1) , our grand prizes, the Hit-Air safety jacket, McCruise Control from MotorCycle Setup Pty and Rumble Road speaker set from MH Instruments were handed over to the lucky winners. Later that evening, a Flat 6 was driven on the dance floor as a surprise and Steve B from the UK was closely examined by a lady with remarkable reflexes and shapes. Needless to say, that the party went on until the sun was rising again. The next morning we had breakfast and it was time to say goodbye. The Benelux organisation would like to thank all the people involved in this meeting including the safety riders who made a steady ride possible, the photographer from Photo Gero for her nice pictures in such a short time, the security people who guarded our bikes at night, the VRCC members of the registration desk and the lottery, the hotel manager for his nice food, service and acco and the people of the stands. A special thanks to the people who voluntarily made videos and photos and all the other members who put countless hours in the organization. Finally I would like to thank all the VRCC members and participants who made this Meeting a success by attending with such a good spirit. We are working hard to edit and multiply the video’s and make them available to your Chapter soon. We are looking forward to share more good rides and feelings at the other European VRCC meetings.

On behalf of the VRCC Benelux ………..Beer VRCC # 7609



1) We are very grateful to the following companies who generously contributed to our meeting. Without your donations, the Benelux meeting would have been a fraction of what it today.

KEPU, Ronnie Geunes and Geert Lagrange, Foto Gevo and Bobine Electric, MotorCycle Setup Pty, Mugen Denko Co Ltd, MH Instruments, Winterwoolie, Blinker Buddie, Saddlemen, Viper Creations, Motoport Druten, Eurowing, Formotion, Sophies Motorcycle Works, Collinite waxbytes, Tel-Tru, Creative Clocks, Baker Built Products Inc, Wayne’s World, Motorcycle Accessory Design Co, the Heritage Saddlebag Co, Cap Factory and CAT Specialties.