Open Cover Letter
Rodney H. Johnson, CLP  M.Ed.
CMR 460 Box 244 
APO AE 09703 

To Whom It May Concern,

If you have made it this far, then you have reviewed my résumé.  My résumé by no means reflects all my abilities.  Therefore, if considered or requested, I would be more than happy to send you a more detailed application.  I also have my past performance ratings which I would send if requested.

I am very seriously interested in leaving my current position for another career.  My family and I have just completed a tour of living overseas in The Netherlands.  We have also lived in Japan, Belgium, Germany, and Cuba.  We have enjoyed the overseas lifestyle.  But, are ready to move to a new location.  The reason for this move is that I going to retire from NATO.  The motive behind this decision is my motivation for new responsibilities and career advancement.

Hopefully,  I have experienced all the "job related" qualifications which you are seeking.  Additionally, I feel my strong educational degrees would also be an asset.   My current employer is not aware of my search or intent to retire.  Therefore, it is requested that they not be contacted.  If we reach an agreement, I will allow contact.  Please feel free to contact any of my previous employers.

Please do not let the distance factor deter you from considering me for the position.  I assure you my skills are Top Notch.  We can be "in place" in about thirty days.

I hope I may look forward to hearing from you!  I may be reached at the telephone number listed below or via  E-Mail at  I may be available to visit you for a personal interview upon serious consideration.

 Thank you for your time and full consideration.


 Rodney H. Johnson, M.Ed.

31-45-525-8863 (Home)                         31-45-564-0342 (Fax)                      31-65-582-1432 (GSM)

The Below Is For Informational Purposes Only

2000 Compensation Package:  Rodney H. Johnson, CLP  M.Ed.

                Taxable Salary  42,560.00
      Non-Taxable Salary * 21,400.00

  Total Salary Package  $63,962.00

  Expected 2.8% Pay Increase January 2001 on Taxable Income.

  Annual Leave  26 Days per Year
  Sick Leave      13 Days per Year
  Home Leave     5 Days per Year
  Holidays         14 US & 8 NATO
  Total Value/Worth  (66 days) or $10,560.00

  Tax Free Purchasing in The Netherlands and Germany
  Compensatory time is given for hours worked over 40 hours per week.
  Free Shipment of 1 vehicle and household goods to United States. (Value $7,000)
  Government Health Insurance (Blue Cross/ Blue Shield) (Value $6,370)
  Free Round Trip to United States for entire Family every Two Years. (Value ($4,100)
  Tuition at International School for Children (Value $36,000)
  Total Value/Worth  $53,470

Complete Compensation Package:  $127,992.00

  *  Non-Taxable Salary is used for Housing Expense.

Final Note:  I remain flexible and open on all offers.  I will have a good retirement.  But, I do not want to change my current lifestyle.

    Call Today!! 31-45-525-8863!!