She is called the queen of computergames.
The better search-machines can get you 35000 hits.
She is one of the most-wanted people in the fasion.
LARA CROFT de girl from the big hit TOMBRAIDER.

Name:lara croft
weight:110 pound
height:1,70 meters
type hair:brunette

lifestory of lara croft:
Lara croft-born on 14-02-1967 in england-should be the child of a rich lord named HENSINGLY CROFT-and because she was the only survivor of an airplanecrash on her vakation to tibet she can live in wild area's-Back at home by the rich people she know she starts realysing that she is a wild girl who can hang around like indiana jones.

The big hit number 2 (43,94K)

Dont get in my way slimeball (9,82K)

she inspired many artist (21,72K)