Home of Teddybears

"A teddy bear's virtue is that he cannot love himself…. only others." (Ted Menten)

Did you ever sit down and watch a teddy bear for an hour? Just watching,  and suddenly…. he seemed to come alive. No, not seemed, he truly did. Teddy bears don't always wait until you are asleep, often they move around while you're awake. When they think it is necessary… to protect you or ..just to shift position.

Meet Lodewijk, he is a real Dutch teddy. He sits by my bed, chasing monsters and shadows away while I sleep. He is alert and can be very dangerous.

This is Leonard. He is a Christmasbear, who has his own car. He also has two nephews, living with him, Wol and Browny.

I don't think his uncle Leonard will approve of this… Browny always gets himself into some kind of trouble.

This one doesn't really have a name, but he travels with me all over the globe.

More funny furballs will certainly follow… I got lots of them.

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