Vogezen 2001

Naar de THAT Motortours website

 On our way to our destination in France

Lac Noir

A beautiful day ! (Back home it was raining)

Sans mots

The view is nice everywhere

Fred and Chantal sitting and taking it easy


Silence everywhere

Back at our hotel : where's everyone else ?

Hills everywhere in Orbey

Coffee break

Again Lac Noir


A monument to remember the WW2 victims

Breaks are part of the deal of course

My Saturday trip with Roger in the morning

Our morning break with cows watching us


There ? No, nothing yet.....

Fueling up for our final day : back home

Road block near Abreschviller

Quite a nice gang, don't you think ?

Laughing makes the wait worth while

On the left: ET phone home

Ready for the final 50 kilometers ? Let's go...........

Waiting for Roger to checking up on the road


Oh boy: I can't believe I made it this far

No, it's Fred (not ET) and Roger

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