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What is® ?®, inc. is the world's leader in web-enabled personal marketing and distribution of PC hardware, software products and services. Hand is uniquely positioned to address a very real need. There is, as is obvious to anyone who has ever visited a computer store, a painful "knowledge gap" in traditional technology retailing. has responded to the "knowledge gap" with person-to-person advice and support, together with a choice of products to equal the superstores. I am an Independent Consultant. If you need technology products for your home or small business, I can help you to find a real-world solution to fit your budget and computing requirements. If you're a PC savvy entrepreneur - congratulations! You've just found the best business opportunity in the U.S. today.

So why purchase from® ?

You pick up the phone and call your Hand Technologies Consultant. You schedule a meeting, at a time and place that are convenient for you. There are no distractions. After talking about what you’re looking for—whether it’s a computer for personal use, like sending e-mail messages to friends and family and opening up a whole world of educational opportunities for your kids, or the right technology solution for your business—your consultant will walk you through a range of choices, helping you select the best PC, printer, software and peripherals. Your consultant can even help you with upgrades to your existing systems, telecom services and training. And here’s the real value: you get the products that fit you best. Not what some superstore wants to sell.

What about extras?

Try this on for size. Your Hand Technologies Consultant can offer much more than just a computer and a book. With Learn@Hand packages, you get the latest Internet-Based Computer Training courses designed to give you the most from your computer purchase. Choose from such subjects as: computer literacy, Internet, Win95/98, MS Office 97, networking, database access, operating systems, programming and development tools. Learn@Hand also offers preparation courses toward A+ Professional Certification and Microsoft MCP/MCSE Professional Certification.  T M K  Computer Services also offers one on one, personal software and hardware training in your home or office.

And here's an extra you won't find anywhere else. Up to $500 of Shopping Essentials Discounts! That's right, with your purchase of a system from Hand Technologies®, you can receive up to $500 worth of Internet discounts that you can use at leading Internet e-retailers for products you use every day. Now that's innovation!

For the best products and services at great prices, please go to my Hand Retail Site.


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