My name is Christoph Mueller and

I was born in june 1980 in Germany.

I always liked to draw. I became

interested in digital graphic design

when I was 15. I spend the last year

as an exchange student in Hawaii. That's

also where my first comic story was



Digital Art:

All the work I do is done on a

pentium 200 with 64 megabytes of

ram. I am using a 2400 dpi scanner

as well.

My biggest influence is propably

David Carson. But I am also

inspired by people like Chank Diesel

and type foundries like Emigre and [T-26].


Other Art:

I like to use all kinds of materials,

but I don't paint that much. I like to

draw better. I mostly use fineliners,

pencils, india ink and dip & brush for

my work. My comics are drawn on

Blue Line comic pages.


Personal Interests:

Actually, my biggest hobby is graphic art.

So, I am collecting comics as well.

I really enjoyed SinCity,

all McFarlane Spider-Man titles, the

early Spawn issues, Mirage's

TMNTurtles, the Batman Black

and White mini-series, and

of course PineappleMan and SilentWinter

Some of my favorite comic artists

are Simon Bisley, Todd McFarlane, and

Frank Miller.


Other Stuff:

If you like my web design and want

me to do yours as well just contact me.

I do poster, t-shirt, and other designs,



At last I want to thank Laurie & Joy and

Sam Campos for their help and support.




© Christoph Mueller 1997