|>Goyathlay & GoyathlayDirty

|>Spotnik & OldRomanTimes

|>BonnieAndClyde & BonnieAndClyde GoodOldDays

|>EsteticaWrecked plus EsteticaWreckedExtraLetters

|>PsychoUno & PsychoZwo & PsychoSan

available for Mac and Win.

(please specify which system and format [truetype or postscipt])


each of these font packs are 15 US dollars.

They come zipped via internet. If you add $5 you get the fonts on a disk plus a limited edition poster.

If you want 'em all pay only 50 dollars and get them on a disk plus poster!


how to order:

Well, I am working on paying by creditcard right now.

But until I have worked that out I don't have a real alternative.

If you really want to have them now you can of course send cash (include your adress!).

I am not responsible for any postal loss.



send money to:

Christoph Mueller

Kuckhoffstrasse 37

52064 Aachen






© Christoph Mueller 1997