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Presenting : Anna with my old green VFR750. I now have a slightly newer 1995 model !!

The new VFR800i '98 in two extremely nice shots.

I bought a 1995 black VFR in 1999 !! The 100hp V4 engine performs real well and it's simply a pleasure to go out and ride it. No matter the milage. I've done short trips (from work back home taking not exactly the shortest way home) or my present long distance record : 600 miles in one single 12 hour trip, from home (Netherlands) to Italy, where we planned a tour.

Italy ? Sure !! It's so beautiful over there. I drove down there in June '96 and this year Anna and I went together to do the same. It was a 7 day tour in Italy itself and a 2 day trip back and forth this time. We drove about 2100 miles in this 9 day vacation.

We didn't really go down there all by ourselves. First of all there's the boys from the company that planned this trip with wives and girlfriends that were already in the hotel to wait for us and take us touring, but the other drivers were there as well by the time the first touring day started. It wasn't a lonely trip ! In 1996, I went together with my friend Paul. ThisIn 1998 he came with us again. He now owns a red Ducati Monster 600......

In June 1999 Anna and I decided to go back to Italy with THAT Motortours.
Again we liked the area very much !! You can see the pictures we took on my italy99 page.

And our latest trip was the Westalps, Provence tour we made in September 2001. Of course I have some pictures handy, so if you want to see them, visit

In the last week of September 2001 I went to the French Vogezen. I didn't make that much pictures, but in case you want to see them, just click on the link.

In a few years we want to buy the 800i VFR, since Anna and I are now working on the house and when we're done with this, it's at least 2002 or so ;) But after the black VFR I really want to buy this VFR800Fi I still love it very much and whenever I encounter this machine on my dayly tours, I'm surprised by it's beauty..... I want my "800i" !!! What a cool motorcycle it is....

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