This is my little font library.

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Goyathlay and Goyathlay Dirty

These are the first typefaces that I have ever done. I made them back in 1995.
They are named after the Apache warrior Goyathlay or better known
under the nickname the Mexicans gave him: Geronimo.




This is one of my favorites. I used it around my web-site.

Small letters only. Plus you get two versions of the letters:

e,g,o,s, and x.



Bonnie and Clyde Bonnie and Clyde Good Old Days

The font(s) I spend most time on. As you can see the Good Old Days

version came first. Then I took a nine milimeter and shot these holes into the letters.



Old Roman Times

I just wanted to make my own Times, but it turned out to become my favorite self-

made font.




plus EsteticaWreckedExtraLetters

This one is brand new! I used it in some of my new web-designs.

One of my favorites!!



PsychoUno, PsychoZwo, PsychoSan

This typefaces were drawn with ink and brush. They have capital letters and numbers only.

But hey, three for the prize of one ain't bad.





I am currently working on somekinda symbol font.

Something like F Determination.

Besides that:

I am always working on new fonts so come back soon!




© Christoph Mueller 1997