Who is Rob ?


My name is Rob Koper and I live in Klimmen in the Netherlands. Anna and I bought a house there, a few miles away from the city in the open country.
We're pretty sure we're going to do just fine.

Hobbies of mine include riding my motorcycle with Anna (I own a black 1995 Honda VFR750), playing around with my computers, touring in our car, sleeping late, building a website, listening to music (Genesis, Phil collins, Gloria Estefan, Alan Parsons, Shania Twain, clasical music).
I'm thinking about building models of motorcycles, but I don't have too much time for that. I would appreciate a little help in finding models of the 2 bikes I had so far : Honda CB750 "seven fifty" (92), my previous Honda VFR750 (92) and my present Honda VFR750 (95). I don't seem to be able to find these models (I don't even know if they exist).

I also have a sweetheart !! She's called Anna and I love her very much. We got married on March 30 2001 and we went to Bali on our honeymoon !
At Ulli and Nyoman's "Guci Guesthouse" we had a great time. These people sure know how to live the Bali life !

The pictures we took in 1998 in Italy can also be viewed : The Italy98 page.
The 1999 ones are on The Italy99 page, the ones we took in the Provence in 2001 are on the Provence page and the Vogezen pics are on this page.
A complete listing of all photo pages is on the link page.

You are probably wondering what it look likes over here in the Netherlands ? Well, here are a few pictures :
Terworm has it's own website at http://www.terworm.nl
Schaloen in the snow Schaloen

It's not just castles around here of course, but since I love these, I just had to show them !!
Here are some other pictures. Of me as well this time :
Me and 1 of my dragonsI just love fantasy and other mystic stuff.
Rob at the computerMe at my computer.
Rob at the computerAnother one of me at my computer.
birthday 1996My 1996 birthday : my sister and I.

Anna's page My wife has a page of her own now !
Rotating Home Visit my main home page.

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