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Business and Management Consulting Services

E-AMARC and its Partner Centres provides business advisory, professional consultancy and specialized business services to national and international enterprises and offer in-house business and management development programs throughout the country. Training and Consultancy missions are carried out by the Centres through its Outreach Centres located in various parts of the country. The missions may be assistance in the design, evaluation and implementation of training and business development programs, including technical assistance for data collection, management and statistical analysis for small and medium businesses.

E-AMARC and its Partner Centres provide the following consultancy services:

Research Services

Research is carried out by E-AMARC and its Partner Centres either as a separate activity or in connection with other activities such as research on cultures as applied to leadership, motivation, marketing, budgeting, production, human resource, new business creation and management or adaptive research programs.

Publication of the E-AMARC and the Centres Research and Conference Papers ensures the timely dissemination of research results for practical application to management and small business development programs.

In-Organization Tailor-Made Programs

In addition to the regular courses, E-AMARC and the Centres organize special programs tailored to meet the specific needs of Individuals and Organizations. The program can be offered at E-AMARC Training Centre and the Partner Centres Training Complexes in the individual University and Outreaches or at any suitable venue mutually agreed by the Centres and the client.

E-AMARC and its Partner Centres approach to in-organization tailor-made programs is by:

The contents of each program depends entirely on the particular needs of the client and can range from the use of open course materials to sessions designed to suit the clients exclusive needs.


E-AMARC and its Partner Centres training, consulting and research services are provided at a fee. The services we provide to our clients are SMART- Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.


E-AMARC stress on Cultures for Appropriate Management and Indigenous Development is that, cultures embraces the concept of morality, determining for each group what is right and what is wrong. Culture is the code that allows us to interpret signals in a meaningful way, it is the filter through which we strain the world and as such, culture defines for us what is real and important and what is noise and superfluous. If culture is the way we make sense of the world, then all people and society have culture and all society and people need culture to direct them towards purposeful and meaningful economic, political and social development. Some cultures might be more detailed and more alive than others, but all serve the purpose of creating an identity that help people and their society function in the world reflecting their own cultural values and preferences in the world of social, political and economic globalization. Culture is now the strongest practical factor determining the success or failure of businesses, project management and economic development in different societies. Your ability to have "on-the-spot" information and provide "hand-on-experience" economic and cultural data, gives you the confidence to enter the African and European economies with high hope for success.

With E-AMARC and its Partner Centres, you/your organizations prospect for successful projects and high return on investment is highly guaranteed.

The Centres Resource Capacity

The Centres staff members and associates have disciplinary background in management and behavioral sciences, and share interest in and concern for public and private sector business policy management. All members of staff and associates seek to combine closeness to the world of practical realities with critical insights from the world of scholarship theory. Apart from the members of the Centres, we can also draw upon the insights and services of colleagues in the Universities and upon partners with other public and private organizations locally and internationally.

Request for more information and delivery of any of the above mentioned programs should be addressed to:

The Executive Director

Euro-African Management Research Centre (E-AMARC), Hyacinthenstraat 23 6214 TC Maastricht The Netherlands. Tel: +31 43 3431497 Fax: +31 43 3431497/3260203 E-mail:

The Director

Euro-Zanzibar Centre for Business Research and Development, Faculty of Business Administration, Zanzibar University, PO Box 2440 Zanzibar-Tanzania Tel: +255 811602784 or +255 54 232642 Fax: +255 811338174

The Director

Centre for Small Business Research and Development, Faculty of Commerce, University of Zimbabwe, PO Box MP 167 Mount Pleasant, Harare-Zimbabwe. Tel: +263 4 303211 ext. 1515/1302 Fax: +263 4 333674 E-mail:

The Director

Centre for African Entrepreneurship Research and Development (CAERD), Faculty of Commerce, University of Nairobi PO Box 30197 Nairobi-Kenya Tel: +254 2 217441/334244 Fax: +254 2 224457

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