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Living the fast life means loving fast machines, like Formula 1 race cars, riding a motorcycle and maybe even visiting far away places. It was all part of living in the 90's. Of course we continued this after 1999 as well :) Rotating Earth

In 2001 Anna and I got married ! We spent our honeymoon on Bali. At Ulli and Nyoman's "Guci Guesthouse" we had a great time. These people sure know how to live the Bali life !

How fast exactly is your or my Internet Service Provider ?
There's an institute that measures speeds ! It's called IVIS.
Three examples of random Dutch ISP's : cobweb.nl, cuci.nl and wxs.nl.

Earthquakes happen all the time, all over the world. I picked my own country and started keeping a list of recent earthquakes ! Go have a look for yourselves; they happen more often then you think....

In the last week of September 2001 I went to the Vogezen in France. The few pics I made you can see on my Vogezen page
In 2001 we went to the Westalps and the Provence. I made a few pictures. Go see them now !

In June 1999 we went on a motor vacation in Northern Italy : the Dolomites. Go check out the pictures we took !!!! In 1998 we went to Italy for the first time together (my 2nd time). Take a peek.

A real nice place to visit is of course
A place you can only dream of ? Well, it's beautiful, believe me !!!
A ride along the West coast on the famous 101 is something you really should try at least once in your life....

Who am I ?
Let's take a look at who I am..... Go to my private page and find out !

The LINKS page !
I compiled a special page for those who want to visit my friends' pages..... Visit the links page and see for yourself !

Video cameras on the Internet :
Take a look at a long list of live world wide cameras on the Web !

The motorcycle page finally has been updated. It now shows a list of links to motorcycle related web sites.

If you want to help me making this page more complete, please visit it and mail me some new links !

Do you want a live confrontation by way of a chat session with one or more people ? Visit the IRC community on Internet ! Internet Relay Chat is a way to meet people in a very direct way. Don't know how to connect to a IRC server ? Read my special manual for connecting to the IRC. Internet Relay Chat, the place to be !!

THE most complete F1 page : Cybertrack ! You'll find interesting links to all the F1 sites I know of, including links to the teams, drivers and the circuits where it all happened this year.

And for the fortunate ones who like traveling around the world, there's my Seattle page. It contains a few links to live camera's, shows traffic jams in the second crowded city in the States. There's also a few weather forecasts of Washington State and some links to the beautiful area's surrounding Seattle.

I also started providing pages on other places of this globe, like my Washington State page or the California State page.

But California is the best ! Sun, sea, beach, friends. It sure is a beautiful state ! If you wanna help me set up this page about CA, just let me know !! (Mail me !)

Don't know where to download Netscape from ?
Simply click on the word "netscape" and you'll visit my netscape page. There you'll see links to different versions of Netscape.
Let me now if there's a problem !

Interesting Professional Links.
On this page you can find a list of IT sites. Examples are : Novell, Compaq, Microsoft, Cisco, Shiva, Citrix, Netscape, Intel, 3COM and others. Hope you enjoy it. Some of the links here might have been changed already and if you encounter such an address, I'd be glad if you'd let me know about the error I made. I promise to upgrade the link as soon as possible. Any new links you have are also very much appreciated.

And if you're new to web surfing and you haven't found your way around the web yet, here's what you need :

Search engines

If you have any suggestions of how to improve my service, please feel free to let me know.
Simply send an email to Rob Koper (fantasy@cuci.nl).

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